Tuesday, December 13, 2011

End of Semester 1!

Walaupun minggu ni sebenarnya 2nd last week, but the final 2 weeks basically for final project presentation. My turn to present for both subjects has passed yesterday and the day before. It really turned my life upside down.

Therefore, I officially declare the semester ends today!  ;p

Next week datang kelas, duduk saja-saja goyang kaki tengok candidate lain present.

One of my subjects this semester is Research Design, thus the final project is to present your research proposal. Research proposal. Benda paling basic tapi sangat penting dan pening. From zero, nak kena fikir apa benda yang nak di studykan.

Okay, rasa-rasa nak study pasal Information System.

Tapi general sangat tu, IS untuk apa? Corporate? Government?

Let's choose government, takkan corporate senang-senang nak share data.

In government itself banyak area. How do I choose?

I decided to further my research study during master, Health Information System.

IS in healthcare pun ada pelbagai jenis; Teleprimary Care, Telemedicine, HRMIS etc

Based from literature review, I pilih untuk study Hospital Information System (HIS)

Now, context dah ada, HIS. Tapi apa perspective nya?

Ini yang sukar sikit ni. Apa justification untuk pilih mana-mana perspective pun. Perlu ada significance otherwise is not worthwhile to perform the study.

Jawapannya mungkin ada di mana-mana journal. Mungkin selepas baca journal ke-10 kita dapat idea. Atau dah baca 20 journal pun masih tak dapat idea.

Selepas ambil subject Research Design ni, membantu expand my knowledge how to do research. So I revised my first proposal which when I read back ..... - Apa benda ko buat ni?? Haha.

I'm happy that before the research proposal presentation for this subject, I managed to amend and make my topic more solid. And Alhamdulillah, tak kena shoot masa presentation - but it is expected untuk kena shoot. Better now than later, masa proposal defence. Basically, the topic, research design and framework, research question and objective, methodology.. semuanya Okay. Prof just bagi opinion to improvise. That's fine.

Walaupun jauh lagi journey untuk conduct the research, but the first part is the hardest. I managed to go through it, pun dah cukup baik.

Sebab presentation je semalam, mommy bawak Amir pergi school mommy - I always wanted to do this hehe Tapi belum dapat nak bawak dia duduk dalam kelas mungkin setahun dua lagi  :)

"Prof, I have one question.."


  1. comel amir!
    congrats mummy! more to come after this...
    well, pray for me Nur, smlm baru call uni, dorg kena meeting on my application baru boleh let me know the result..oh cuak sgt, sbb nak sgt smbung study

  2. athidean, no worry everything's gonna be fine :)

    sending my prayers. and good luck :)